If you are not happy

Complaints: Who to tell if you are not happy with our services

The service provided by the company has as its goal, the achievement of meeting the needs and reasonable expectations of its clients. We pledge commitment to fulfilling this goal in all our actions.

1. If possible, you should discuss the problem with your care worker who will do his/her best to resolve the problem quickly and to your satisfaction

2. If you feel unable to discuss the problem with your care worker or they are unable to solve the problem, you should contact our offices on the above telephone number.

3. If possible at this stage, you should record your complaint in writing and send it to the address above marked for the attention of the Branch Manager

4. If you are not happy about making the complaint yourself and you do not know someone who is prepares to talk to us on your behalf, we will be happy to find someone from an independent organisation to act as an advocate for you (that is to act in place of a friend).

5. If we receive a written complaint it my take us a little time to consider it fully but we will write to you within one week to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to tell you what steps we are taking to resolve it.

6. If there is no immediate solution we will investigate your complaint fully, contacting those concerned. We will them write to you within three weeks with details of our findings, any action we have taken and proposals to solve your complaint.

7. If at this stage you are unhappy and feel that your complaint has not been solved satisfactorily, we will forward details of your complaint to the local office of the Care Quality Commission who are our regulators and preside over the standards of care we provide.

8. If at any stage, you feel your complaint is being deliberately ignored or you fail to get a response, you can as a last resort, contact the local office of CQC direct as follows:

Newcastle upon Tyne