The company (POMHCS) regards itself as one that makes more than adequate provision for each individual affected by its services.  In support of this regard, the following code of conduct has been prepared.

The Code sets out the core standards of conduct that can be expected of the company.  It will serve two purposes:-

  • To guide directors and employees in the work they do and the decisions and choices they have to make.
  • To reassure the public that these important decisions are being made against a background of professional standards and accountability.

The environment in which the Code will operate is a complex one.

  • The company has a very important job to do and works in a very public and demanding environment.
  • The management of the company calls for difficult decisions and complicated choices. The interests of individual service users have to be balanced with the interests of the community as a whole.
  • The interests of service users and employees do not always coincide. Managerial and operational imperatives do not always suggest the same priorities.  A balance has to be drawn between these two factors.

The company will follow the following principles:

Act and operate in concordance with the HASAW act 1974 and amendments, other health and safety legislation, the MHO regulations 1992 and the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and any regulation it is thereby subject to:-

  • Make the care and safety of service users and employees its first concern and act to protect them from risk, giving regard to the issues surrounding individual working;
  • Respect the public, service users, relatives, employees, and partners in other agencies;
  • be honest and act with integrity;
  • Accept responsibility for its operations and the proper performance of the people it employs;
  • Show its commitment to working as a team member by working with all relevant professionals the wider community;
  • Take responsibility for the proper recruitment, selection and learning and development of its staff and management

This means in particular that POMHCS will:-

  • Ensure its standards of care provision are at least in accord with the relevant acts of parliament, including the contents of the national minimum standards for domiciliary care agencies
  • Respect confidentiality; both of service users and employees
  • Use the resources available to it in an effective, efficient and timely manner having proper regard to the best interests of employees and service users;
  • Be guided by the interests of the service users while ensuring a safe working environment;
  • Act to protect service users from risk including that of abuse, by putting into practice appropriate support and disciplinary procedures for employees; and
  • Seek to ensure that anyone with a genuine concern is treated reasonably and fairly.
  • Ensure that any and all accidents, near misses or other occurrences are reported according to company procedure, driven by appropriate regulation

POMHCS will:-

  • Respect and treat with dignity and fairness, employees, service users, relatives, employees, and professionals in other agencies.
  • In its capacity as a domiciliary homecare provider it will seek to ensure that no one is unlawfully discriminated against because of their religion, belief, race, colour, gender, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age, social and economic status or national origin.

POMHCS will also seek to ensure that:-

  • Service users and employees are properly informed and are able to influence services;
  • Service users are involved in and informed about their own care, their experience is valued, and they are involved in decisions;
  • Service users needs are supported in needs they may have regarding administration of medication and handling of financial matters.
  • Relatives and employees are, with the informed consent of service users, involved in the decisions affecting care provision to service users;
  • Professionals in other agencies are invited to make their contribution to improving the quality of service provision;
  • The company is aware of the limits of its role and responsibilities in all interactions with other agencies and professionals.

POMHCS will work to ensure that employees are:-

  • Valued as team members;
  • Properly informed about the management of the company;
  • Given appropriate opportunities to take part in decision-making.
  • Given all reasonable protection from harassment, discrimination and bullying;
  • Provided with a safe working environment;
  • Helped to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills and achieve their potential;
  • Helped to achieve a reasonable balance between their working and personal lives.
  • Given full training and support in areas affecting the company’s policy and procedural makeup.

POMHCS will be operated with honesty and will act with integrity and probity at all times.

The company will seek to ensure that:-

  • The best interests of employees, service users/clients are upheld in decision-making and that decisions are not improperly influenced by gifts or inducements;
  • Its resources are protected from fraud and corruption and that any incident of this kind is reported to the C.Q.C.;
  • Judgments about employees (including appraisals and references) are consistent, fair and unbiased and are properly founded;
  • Open procedures are existent in which concerns about people breaking the Code can be raised without fear.

POMHCS will accept responsibility for its own operation and the proper performance of the people it employs.

POMHCS will seek to ensure that the managers it employs understand their responsibilities to service users, relatives and employees by dealing with questions and complaints in an open, honest and well researched way and in a manner which provides a full explanation of what has happened, and of what will be done to deal with any poor performance and, where appropriate, giving an apology